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There have been numerous studies worldwide that demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of IPL for hair removal. Due to this fact, it has become a safe  and effective method of hair removal at home.

The actual session involves a series of laser pulses that results in a prickling and burning sensation. But don’t worry; the pain isn’t too bad. In fact, it’s similar to that of a rubber band snapping against your skin. After the laser hair removal session is over, you may experience temporary swelling and redness which is NORMAL and will go away. 

Most customers begin to notice a reduction of hair after just 3-4 treatments, with complete results after 12 treatments. However, results vary from person to person.

We recommend using your handset once a week for the first 8 weeks. After this period use your handset once a month, for 3 months or until satisfied. To maintain hairless smooth skin, use your handset once every 2 to 3 months, or as needed.

Yes, we recommend shaving the areas you wish to target before using this product for a maximize result.

Usually it is not necessary. But if you preferred, between your treatments,  you should only shave when required. We recommend never waxing, plucking, or epilatinf as these hair removal methods removes the entire roots, which is what absorbs our handset's light during treatment.

No, you should not use IPL over very dark freckles and moles.

We recommend that you should not use IPL over tattoos, although going around tattoos is fine.

if you have been tanning recently, we recommend waiting 2 weeks before using this IPL device. Please also wait at least 48 hours to tan after using your IPL handset. Artificial tan should not he on your skin while using this handset.

No, it isn't necessary to wear eye protection while using our handset.  Our handsets are fitted with a sensor and will not pulse and light unless the entire window is pressed against your skin. That being said you should never try and look directly into the light as it flashes.

This is an advanced version of IPL producing 300,000 flashes. There is no battery that can effectively sustain this level of output for continuous use. Therefore, this device needs to be connected to the power supple while in use.

Our products undergo quality control and testing before shipping it out. At Heylux,  we value our customer. We are one of the very few companies if there is any that offer a ONE year warranty on our products. If the product purchased within a year and is malfunction due to manufacturer defect, please ship back to us for an exchange.

We try our best to ship items as fast as we can, and thus we offer free express shipping to all our customers worldwide

Due to high demands of our products worldwide and the safety concerns of our staffs and fullfilment centers around the world during COVID-19, please allow 24-72 hours processing times for your order to ship out, average wordlwide shipping time is 5-10 days business days.

Tracking numbers will be updated 2-3 days after your order has been SHIPPED. If you don't have a tracking number after 5 business days, please email us at

NOTE: We handle our shipping with extreme care and caution in response to COVID-19:

Due to the overwhelming demand for deliveries of our services worldwide, as well as modified practices by our shipping partners to keep their workforce and customers safe, the above shipping times are an estimate only, due to COVID-19 please expect some delays to both to all countries for both standard and express shipping options.

At Heylux, customer is the heart of our business. We offer a 100 % money back guarantee. if the product is defective or damaged, se will pay for your shipping to send it back to us for a full refund or exchange within 90 days. Please refer toour 90 days money back guarantee  page for more information