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October 29, 2021 3 min read


The most effective way to get rid of unwanted hair is to have laser hair removal. A woman shaves 12 times per month on average, which amounts to 7,718 times in her entire life; that's why so many women opt for laser hair removal.

What is IPL laser hair removal?

For body and facial hair, laser or IPL hair removal is becoming incredibly common. IPL is a type of hair removal known as Intense Pulsed Light, which employs pulses of light to eliminate hair. IPL equipment, like lasers, transfers light energy converted into heat and destroys hair cells. IPL procedures are frequently referred to as "laser" treatments.

The hair's pigment receives the radiation from the IPL or laser, which is how it works. It causes the cells to warm up and get damaged, preventing the hair from growing in the shaft. Hair must be shaved or clipped for the best impact, and it must be in the Embryogenesis stage of the life cycle when it is growing strongly. Because not all hairs are at this stage simultaneously, a series of 6 treatments, spaced 4-8 weeks apart, are usually required, relying on the device and the region to be treated.


What are the rules and regulations for IPL laser hair removal?

Not all lasers and IPL equipment are the same, and there is no restriction on who may purchase and use them. Selecting a high quality device will assure your safety as well as the quality of your treatment. Our IPL handset  undergoes through years of research and develop by clinic professionals. The quality and effectiveness have been carefully examined and tested to ensure its effectiveness and safety for home use

What areas of the body are affected by IPL laser hair removal treatment?

IPL laser treatments for women may be performed almost everywhere on the skin. Regions of undesired hair that are not excessively thick, from the bottom edge to the genital area, are perfectly acceptable for any of these procedures. Though it is claimed that treating the jawline and facial regions is more challenging for men (because of the higher density of hair cells in this region), men can also benefit from IPL laser hair removal treatments on places like their bottom or behind.

Before going further, you will check each part of the body you want to concentrate on for individual skin tolerance or demands.

Advantages of IPL laser hair removal?

IPL laser hair removal has several advantages. You will get fantastic benefits from each appointment.


Certainty is among the first and most noticeable advantages of laser hair removal. According to studies, most customers will see a significant reduction in undesired hair growth if they join their sessions regularly. Clients should expect to observe a reduction in excess hair after an aggregate of 5-7 sessions, based on their skin color and hair texture.


Another advantage of IPL laser hair removal is its immediacy. It just takes a couple of minutes for IPL hair removal treatments to treat many hair cells simultaneously. As a result, tiny sections of the skin can be addressed in as little as a few seconds, while more prominent parts of the body, such as the thighs or back, can be handled in as little as an hour or less, relying on the therapy.


The cost-effectiveness of this therapy is another substantial advantage. This procedure provides more cost-effective approaches to achieve the hair removal results you need.


IPL laser hair removaltreatments are an excellent option for getting rid of excessive body hair. However, you should be aware of the restrictions of IPL laser hair treatments, particularly in terms of skin and hair color.